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Thought I Should Post An Update!

I think I may be past due updating this blog, ha!  So much is/has been going on, and I quite frankly put the blog at the bottom of the to-do list.

First, we are no longer at seminary.  Financial issues, dissatisfaction/concern over the way the seminary is handling certain issues, and frankly losing confidence we are where we are supposed to be have led in this decision.  We are still in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area, and intend to be for another year.

First, we have reached the point where we are unable to pay tuition costs due to a lot of medical and other bills that have been steadily piling on over the last several months.  Guy has not received any kind of scholarship or other supplemental aid to pay for tuition costs while we have been down here, and trying to come up with approximately $2500 per semester for tuition and books has become impossible.

We are also fully recognizing that trying to depend on Jessi to bring in enough supplemental income is not the most stable thing to do, due to health issues, but also that she doesn’t have enough marketable job skills to make much more than minimum wage.  To that end, Jessi has returned to school, studying at Le Cordon Bleu in north Dallas.  She is working on her Associate’s degree in Patisserie and Baking, and is making good grades – and good food!  We were dismayed to hear that the school will be closing, but she will have the ability to complete her degree before this occurs.

Our hope is that, after Jessi graduates, we can move to North Carolina for Guy to resume and finish seminary at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.  We had considered SEBTS before choosing SWBTS in Texas, but we were fed a lot of old/false information and based our move on that.  It is a choice we deeply regret.

Our other big problem at the moment is again Jessi’s health.  Two months ago she started having numerous symptoms that are leading us to push for medical testing for multiple sclerosis.  She had similar symptoms that lasted several months 5 years ago, was tested for MS then, but they couldn’t diagnose it at that time.  Due to all the medical debt we owe from her gallbladder surgery last year, we cannot pursue this through regular insurance, and are instead at the mercy of the local VA system.

We are in a very dark valley right now.  We covet prayers and any support we can receive right now.  Being far from family and home is very tough, and we feel very alone in this fight, this limbo land we are in.

Anyway, that is our update.

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