About Guy

Guy will be working on his Masters of Divinity, but does not know what the emphasis will be at this time.  He has been a follower of Christ since October of 1998.  He responded to God’s calling into the ministerial profession last year and is using his time at Southwestern for preparation.  He has a passion for those who are enslaved to addictions, and desires to reach out and show them how they can be victorious over their addictions through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Guy has worked at Choice hotels for 2 years, Chase for 10 years and TeleTech for 2 years.

Guy’s hobbies include: fly-fishing, canoeing, camping, reading, and smoking (meat, that is!).

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One thought on “About Guy

  1. Karen Bedsaul

    Hi Guy, I really miss you at work and the good talks we had about God. A lot has happened with me at work since you have been gone. I was top god for msats for May so received a VIP parking pass for July and got to go to the luncheon also. Then I also won the trip to go to the all expenses paid trip to Florida to Disney World and with a week off work paid also and we leave on Sept 18 and will be there until Sept. 22. There were five of us selected from Springfield out of 600 employees who were referred for this and 60 names who were selected with five form here. I hope that everything is going well with you as I pray for you and your wife all the time. Hope to hear from you soon. May the Lord be with you in your journey!

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