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Cobwebs and Dust

Pfffffftttttttttt!  *Cough, cough, choke!*  It seems I need to visit here more often – we’ve got cobwebs and dust everywhere with this blog!  The last few months have been busy, and I’ve neglected blogging for everyone.  So sorry.  I’d like to promise to do better, but then there’s life and 10 million things that get in the way… we’ll try to do better, though, I promise!  So this will be (in no particular order) an attempt to catch y’all up with us over the last 2-3 months.

Our most recent news is that we are going home to Springfield, MO for a short visit over the Memorial Day weekend.  We leave Thursday and will come back to Fort Worth on Tuesday (5/22-27).  We don’t have a ton of plans for the time home, just a floating trip for Guy and a trip to Ft. Leonard Wood with Rainey for Jessi.  Everything else is as we decide to do it.  We are looking forward to worshipping with our friends at Crossway Baptist Church on Sunday, though!

School is out for the summer.  Guy decided not to take any classes this summer, preferring to focus on work and recoup from his first year at seminary.  Hard to believe it, but we have been down here a full year as of May 10.  He hasn’t registered for his Fall classes yet, but probably will do so in the next month.  I’m hoping he can arrange some time to meet with one of the professors in his desired concentration for more specific guidance as far as class selections and course planning for the rest of his time here at Southwestern.

Jessi has taken a job at the Outfitter’s store on campus and has left the kitchen.  There were some ongoing issues there, and I took advantage of an opening that came available.  The Outfitters is the campus store that sells t-shirts, hats, cups, etc.  Essentially, it’s the “logo” store – if you want something with the Southwestern logo on it, go there to get it.  Outfitters personnel also run the Copy Center and the campus Post Office.  I’ve been learning all about retail, copy-center stuff, and mail.

Jessi has also started a new diet (I hate to use that term, as long-term eating plan is a better description).  I am following a plan called “Trim Healthy Mama”, or THM for short.  The nuts and bolts is that this focuses on providing only 1 type of fuel source for the body per meal – either fat or carbs.  It also focuses on low-glycemic-index eating, and low-gluten to the extent the person decides to take it to.  I’m not going gluten free (no need to do so), but am having to make many choices to forgo things that I loved to eat.  But the best part is that I’m losing weight!  I’ve already lost 5 inches total, and about as many pounds, in just 2 weeks.  If anybody’s interested in the plan, you can visit the THM website:  (By the way, I’m not affiliated with THM monetarily, getting paid for a testimonial, etc.  This is just my own personal plug for the program.  Okay, enough with the legal stuff!)

Guy is enjoying his break time now that it’s summer.  He’s checking out library books and enjoying reading what he wants to read, not what he’s required to read!  He’s also been visiting a fishing group down here that does monthly tournaments.  He wasn’t able to go to the tournament this month, but is planning to participate in June.

We’ve had a fun outing last month to the local botanical gardens.  The weather was nice and sunny, and the flowers really pretty.  We quickly found out it is very popular for weddings – we saw 4 brides within 2 hours.  I have a bunch of pictures that I took… they’re all still on Guy’s camera, as we haven’t downloaded the pictures yet.  I’ll try to remember to post some whenever we get around to doing just that!


Prayer Requests:

*  Safe travels to and from Springfield this next few days.

*  Relaxation and refreshment while home.

*  Safe and effective weight loss for Jessi.

*  Guy as he considers classes to register for in the Fall.



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